Twitter Crawler — Crawling data from Twitter.

Online Media (6) — Crawling data from online media (,,,,

Facebook Crawler — Crawling data from Facebook.

Topic Classification — NLP-based engine that assess the category of each document (tweet/online news), such as food, corruption, public complaints, etc.

Web Interface — User interface for the system.

Sentiment Analysis — NLP-based engine to assess the sentiment towards the social media post of candidate.

Location Detection — AI-based system that detects the locations contained in the news/social media post.

CMS — Platform for managing all the things related to the platform.

User Profiling — Profiling the user who post the related document so we know the persona of the user/account. The profile consist of age, gender.

API — API as the communication tool between engine.

Messaging Queue — To maintain the requests that are coming simultaneously to support real time experience.

Monitoring System — To monitoring system's health.

Token Provider — Engine to make sure the Twitter token is always available.

Data Warehouse — System for storing all data of the platform.